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About Cherish Skin

Get to know the owners

Get to know the owners

Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó shidine’é. Cherish Yazzie-Hart dóó Winter Begay wolyé. As sisters we are the proud Founders and Creators of Cherish Skin. Cherish graduated in 2023 with her bachelors in Public Health from Grand Canyon University. She enjoys trips, networking and spending time with her three children. Winter attends college courses with TOCC. She also has a passion for beadwork, doing makeup at various native fashion events and is a wonderful aunt. Faced with much adversity growing up on the Navajo Nation one trait that always stuck with us was ‘resilience’. We are strong, we are tough, it's in our history, it's in our blood. When you ask me what inspires me its - our people. Our skin carries endurance and it's time we start treating it better. You deserve it, we deserve it. Shop Cherish Skin and regain confidence today.

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Cherish Skin Misson

Cherish Skin is an Afro-Indigenous Owned, Sister-owned skincare line designed to calm, soothe, exfoliate, balance & smooth your skin. Founded in 2019, Cherish Skin has been dedicated to curating unique-skincare and makeup bundles with perfect formulas to help CHERISH & maintain beautiful skin! Our mission is very simple, be unique, be bold, and stand out. Cherish your skin. Ahéhee’.

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